Fall Foods and Tastes of San Diego

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The seasons are changing, and fall is coming into full swing in Pacific Beach, and at the OPI. There is a slight, but nevertheless present nip in the air, people are breaking out their light winter sweaters and the traditions of autumn are rapidly coming upon us. As the seasons change, so does the local fare around San Diego. Despite the consistently sunny days, San Diegans still yearn for the comfort foods of fall that make us feel like we are back in mom’s kitchen.

No fall season menu is complete without the mouthwatering baked goods that pop up this time of year. Nothing is better on a cool fall evening than homemade desserts and pastries that remind us of Thanksgiving dinners with the family. Pumpkin pies, fruit pies, layered cakes and cookies are just a few of the yummy treats that we indulge upon in autumn. Just because you are vacationing in sunny San Diego this fall doesn’t mean you can’t get your hands on these delicious comfort foods. In San Diego proper, The City Delicatessen offers some of the best baked goods in the area. From apple, blueberry, cherry and peach pies to cakes, pastries, éclairs and cookies, City Delicatessen has a treat to satisfy every taste and sweet tooth. So head on over to Hillcrest and pick up your favorite treats from this classic San Diego restaurant.

Another trademark of fall is football season, and nothing says football like tailgating. Whether you’re enjoying the game from the comfort of your hotel room, or watching the bolts play live at Qualcomm, don’t forget to take part in the tailgating festivities that complete the football experience. Hotdogs, hamburgers beer and bratwurst are tailgating favorites. If you want a true San Diego experience, grill up some carne asada or pollo asado and make yourself a savory homemade Mexican meal. If you want to watch football from the comfortable seats of a popular restaurant, try Rocky’s Crown Pub in Pacific Beach for burgers and beer, or Casa Guadalajara in Old Town for authentic Mexican fare.

Lastly, no fall would be complete without hot beverages to warm you on cold nights. Regardless of whether you like hot chocolate, fancy lattes, bold coffees or hot teas, try Café Bassam in Banker’s Hill. They have an expansive array of unique blends, various hot chocolates and frothy lattes. The old-timey charm of this place is the perfect locale to enjoy a warm beverage, read a book or just sit back and people watch in exciting San Diego where we at the OPI make our home.

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