Springtime Hikes near Pacific Beach

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Spring is in full force and summer is just around the corner. This is the perfect time to enjoy a nice hike with friends and family before the summer heat sets in. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely stroll or an uphill challenge, San Diego offers plenty of trails for hiking, biking and even equestrian activities. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit these beautiful trails less than 25 minutes away from Ocean Park Inn.

Rose Creek Trail
10 Min Drive

Photo courtesy of Rose Creek Watershed

Rose Creek Trail is best known as a secluded bike trail that feels like a secret path from Mission Bay to La Jolla. The trail starts at De Anza Cove and can take you as far as Rose Canyon Open Space. If you’re looking to rent a pair of bikes in PB and don’t know where to ride to, Rose Creek Trail would be the perfect option for you. If you’re not interested in biking, don’t worry! The trail has perfect scenery for a hike with a half way point as the trail meets Santa Fe Street.

Coast Walk Trail
20 Min Drive

Photo courtesy of San Diego Sun Coast

The La Jolla Coast Walk Trail should be visited by every beach lover! This hike curves around the land following the shoreline for a beautiful stroll through several sandy beaches. The trail passes through a few beaches as well, allowing viewers to enjoy tide pools, parks, and eventually La Jolla Downtown Village. Hikers can customize the length and viewing points to their desire. We encourage stopping at the tide pools to look for sea critters.

Ho Chi Minh Trail
23 Min Drive

Photo courtesy of Thrillist

The rocky terrain along this trail makes it one of the more challenging hikes near Ocean Park Inn. Access to the path is on La Jolla Farms road and leads straight to the shore. The sandstone path winds between two cliffs making it a unique hike. Although the rock formations make beautiful architecture, hikers should enjoy this hike when the sun is out, as it can get slippery after it rains.


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