Taste of Little Italy

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Want Italian Flavor; try the Taste of Little Italy

Are you a fan of Italy? Well, San Diego has a new venture for you on May 26, 2010 from 5-9 pm. The Taste of Italy will leave you filled and happy. Little Italy consists of the historic buildings, rich culture and passion for life. However, the best thing about Little Italy is the food.

We heard that almost every city in the world has a Little Italy; however San Diego has taken it to the next dimension by dedicating an entire neighborhood to that wonderful country. This makes it similar to the real place without the leaning tower and pick-pocketing children. Now back to the food, because Little Italy is diverse with its authentic collection of restaurants, it is tough to decide where to eat. The Taste of Little Italy will make this decision easy because you will stroll along the district streets to sample appetizers, desserts, entrees, and specialty drinks. There will be food from more than 25 of the top eateries around in the district. With the admission you will receive a culinary passport, which will allow you to get stamps at every restaurant in exchange for a featured item on their menu. Ocean Park Inn believes, this event is filled with fun places to eat and experience, so pack your bags and get ready to eat your heart out travelers. Not only will the food keep you entertained, but the live music is bound to keep you moving.

At the event there will be live performances by Regina Leonard, who has traveled from North Carolina to   Greyhound Bus, through San Francisco, and south to San Diego where she began writing her own songs. She tells her story from struggle to survival. Experience the chord of truth with Regina’s music. Luis Max and Blue Moon will also be performing at the event, and his music comes straight from his heart. The music is influenced by his life growing up in Mexico. The music fuses Latin, Pop, Rock, Jazz and the Blues and it includes Latin rhythms and dynamic percussion.

There is music, food, and culture you do not want to miss at this event. The authenticity will bring you alive and the music will get you moving. Eat and dance the night away with this event in beautiful San Diego.

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