Celebrate Valentine’s Day at the Ocean Park Inn

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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and it can be an emotional time for everyone! Whether you’re in a relationship or going on an exciting first date, trying to figure out the perfect gift, or simply enjoying the vast array of chocolates available in early February, Valentine’s Day is sure to bring joy and romance like no other day of the year.

Where does the tradition of chocolates and gifts as an expression of love on this particular day come from? It dates back to ancient Roman times and stems from one Saint Valentine. There are several legends about Saint Valentine and how Valentine’s Day came to be, but the most romantic of these is that of Emperor Claudius II outlawing marriage for young men. He reportedly did this because he believed that young, single men had the ability to be better soldiers than those with wives and families. Saint Valentine thought this to be untrue and unjust, and therefore began performing marriages in secret for these young couples. When Claudius found out, he immediately ordered that Saint Valentine be put to death. Followers then brought gifts to mourn his death. Many believe that the modern Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14 to commemorate Saint Valentine’s death. Albeit a tragic ending, the romantic edge of this story is what makes Valentine’s Day so special for those in love.

Valentines Day at the Ocean Park Inn Hotel Pacific Beach CASo take the reins on making this year’s Valentine’s Day as romantic as possible for you and your significant other. Besides the traditional gifts of flowers and candy, why not plan a special getaway for the two of you? San Diego’s Pacific Beach is the perfect place to conjure up some romance. There are several intimate restaurants in San Diego, including Kabuki Sushi, Caffe Bella Italia, JRDN restaurant, and the Café Athena, to name a few. These are all located within a short distance of the Ocean Park Inn hotel. Make it a luxurious weekend by staying at the OPI where you and your partner can enjoy panoramic views from your balcony or sip cocktails by the pool. Top off your night by requesting in-room massages and ordering room service that can be enjoyed while watching the sunset from your beach front suite. Visit oceanparkinn.com today and let the Valentine’s magic begin!