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There is one convention unlike any other in America, and it takes place each summer in San Diego.  This convention, larger and more exciting than any traditional work-related convention across the country, is widely popular and tickets are highly-coveted. What convention are we comic-con summer events near hotel ocean park inn san diegoreferring to? It can be none other than Comic-Con.  The attendees of Comic-Con are fans of sci-fi, film, technology, comic books, and more.  If you are in the comic book or entertainment industry, or simply count yourself amongst the tens of thousands of dedicated fans lucky enough to get tickets to this year’s event, look no further than Pacific Beach’s Ocean Park Inn for local accommodations, and the perfect beach-front escape from the fantastic world of Comic-Con. The hotel is located just a short drive from the convention center, and will be the ideal place to rest after a long day roaming exhibits and attending panels with fellow fans at the convention.

Comic-Con has a larger number of attendees—well over 100,000 and growing–than any other convention in the country. With an Exhibit Hall that spans over 460,000 square feet, Comic-Con has become the premier convention to attend for fans, industry reps, and Hollywood A-Listers alike. Comic-Con 2012 will be no ordinary event, as they plan to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the creation of major Marvel superheroes Spider-Man, Hulk, Thor, Ant-Man and Iron Man.

Along with panels, seminars, and workshops with comic book professionals, the convention offers the chance to see previews of upcoming feature films, and even attend review sessions with top comic book and video game companies. Evenings at the convention will include awards ceremonies, the famous Masquerade, a costume contest, and the Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival, which showcases shorts and feature length movies that do not yet have distribution deals.

Don’t miss out on the fantasy world of Comic-Con this year! Attend this exciting summer convention in idyllic downtown San Diego.

When: July 12-15

Where: San Diego Convention Center

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