Feeling Green!

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Most travelers are undoubtedly beginning notice an overwhelming shift towards “Green” initiatives at their hotels.  And it doesn’t take a Ph.D. in Astrophysics to recognize that a hotel saves money on laundry, human resources and energy by taking part in the worldwide “Green” movement. That said, it’s next to impossible for a hotel to show genuine interest in conservation without being labeled as opportunistic to the cause.  It’s even harder for guests to find fault when, in such a competitive industry, these monetary savings are passed onto them in offering the best rates possible.

Sookhan Ho offers an interesting view of this situation in her article for Green Lodging News. She comments on a recent online study conducted by graduate students at Virginia Tech, which shows an unexpected gap between how people who are environmentally conscious at home, aren’t as sensitive on the road.  The study–an online survey of 881 people by Melissa Baker and Eric Davis–showed that nearly 60 percent of respondents recycle paper products at home, but only 30 percent recycle while at a hotel.  Similarly, 60 percent said they conserve water at home, but only 40 percent make such efforts while on vacation.  80 percent of the respondents profess to conserving energy at home, with only 40 percent doing so on the road.  Baker and Davis attribute such behavioral gaps to the idea that “individuals might feel more obligated to behave in an environmentally friendly manner in their local community as opposed to the tourist destination”.  While this survey does not paint travelers very green at all, another statistic found in this study is much more optimistic, as 60 percent of respondents stated that they were either “Likely” or “Extremely Likely” to stay at a hotel that changed sheets only when requested during their stay–effectively conserving water, and energy.

Bringing the “Green” movement to our home, we find ourselves focusing on the continuously dwindling water supply in San Diego.  While we take an environmentally conservative attitude at Ocean Park Inn, we simultaneously aim to allow our guests to feel comfortable, and at home.  We offer daily Sheet and Linen Changing Service as part of our routine benefits, but strongly encourage our guests to opt for Changing Service “only when requested”.  Please let us know at check in if you’d like to take part in conserving San Diego’s water supply.   You might even find that your water conservation translates to a better rate upon your next visit!