Save Your Money: What Not to Do in San Diego

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Hey there! Ready to explore sunny San Diego without putting a dent in your wallet? This city is bursting with beaches, neighborhoods buzzing with life, and tons of cool stuff to do. But hey, let’s keep it real – overspending on tourist traps? Not our vibe. So, we’ve put together a laid-back guide on what not to do in San Diego to help you save some cash while having a blast. Let’s dive in and make the most of this beautiful city, shall we?


Don’t Overspend on Tourist Traps:

Listen up, savvy traveler! Sure, San Diego has loads of touristy spots, but not all of them are worth the big bucks. Skip the overpriced guided tours and cheesy souvenir shops, and go rogue! Explore on your own, hit up local markets for unique finds, and soak in the free or low-cost fun like chilling at parks or catching those stunning ocean views.


Don’t Splurge on Pricey Dining Options:

Foodie alert! San Diego’s food scene is lit, but that doesn’t mean you gotta break the bank. Forget fancy restaurants – hit up the budget-friendly joints, food trucks, or hidden gems in neighborhoods like North Park or Ocean Beach. Trust us, your taste buds and wallet will thank you later.


Don’t Pay Full Price for Entertainment:

Who says fun has to cost a fortune? Not us! From theme parks to museums, there’s plenty to do without blowing your budget. Snag discounted tickets online, keep an eye out for sweet deals, and hit up free events like concerts or art walks. Psst…free museum days? Yup, they’re a thing – take advantage!



Don’t Get Caught in Peak Season Price Hikes:

Summer, winter, spring, fall – every season is a good time to visit San Diego! But if you wanna avoid the crowds and crazy prices, aim for the shoulder seasons or hunt for off-season deals. Trust us, the city’s just as awesome without the tourist hustle.


Don’t Forget to Budget for Transportation:

Getting around is easy peasy, lemon squeezy – and it doesn’t have to drain your wallet. Skip the pricey taxis and opt for public transport, rent a bike or scooter, or just stroll around. Pro tip: stay centrally to cut down on travel costs and explore on foot – you’ll see more and spend less.


There you have it – our happy-go-lucky guide on what not to do in San Diego. So, ditch the tourist traps, eat like a local, and soak in all the affordable fun this city has to offer. Pack your sunnies, plan your adventure, and get ready to make some epic memories in America’s Finest City – all without blowing your budget. Cheers to thrifty travels and endless sunshine!