Rev Your Engines for the 2011 VIP Demolition Derby!!

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Many believe that the first full-contact race in 1947 inspired what has become known as the demolition derby. Others say that stock car driver, Larry Mendelsohn, created the sport out of a mere dream after realizing that fans were more enticed by the wrecks than the race itself. And though it may not be clear how the demolition derby originated, we do know that it is guaranteed to be a good time for fans and devotees!

Today the demolition derby is a staple of county fairs across the nation. While each event varies, the typical derby consists of five or more drivers who compete against each other by deliberately ramming their cars into one another… sounds like a great time, right? While it may not seem to be the most intelligent idea-turned-extreme-sport that Americans have come up with to date, it definitely draws an excited and rowdy crowd!

The demolition derby comes to the San Diego Fair at the Del Mar Fairgrounds on July 3-4, 2011. Sunday, July 3rd kicks off the derby with the “Open Class,” where participants will have to make their way through qualifying heats before they can compete in the main competition the following day. On July 4, winners from Sunday’s matchups will battle to be the last car running and win a hefty cash prize in the final “VIP Class Demolition Derby.”

Both days bring together top drivers, junior outlaws, trophy cart racers and most importantly… A LOT OF FUN!! For details about this event and to purchase tickets, click HERE.

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