San Diego Surf Film Festival

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There are a vast array of events taking place in and around Pacific Beach this spring and summer, but this is definitely one you won’t want to miss! The San Diego Surf Film Festival falls on our list of most anticipated events of 2012. If you are staying in Pacific Beach for the sun, sand, and waves, you will be delighted to find the inaugural San Diego Surf Film Festival taking place in nearby Mission Bay during your stay.

When you think of sand and surf, San Diego is one of the first cities that probably comes to mind–and rightfully so.  San Diego plays a consistent role in the innovation of surfing by being home to a large population of board designers and talent residing along the 75 miles of sandy beaches the city has to offer. Just a quick walk up and down the boardwalk in Pacific Beach will confirm that San Diego is big on wave riding.

The San Diego Surf Film festival seeks to celebrate the passion that surfers, locals and visitors have for the ocean.  Kids can appreciate the awesome power of the ocean and learn from real surfers what it’s like to ride some of the best waves on Earth.  Parents can learn a little history about San Diego and its affiliation to surfing, the innovative aspects of board design, and see some of the coolest boards ever made. Everyone will be able to enjoy the celebration of the ocean and surfing through film.

What stay in San Diego would be complete without spending time on the sand watching surfers, or learning to surf yourself?  Spend your spring trip to San Diego at one of the many local surf schools, or simply celebrating the sport at the inaugural Surf Film Festival!

When: May 11-13, 2012

Where: 1091 West Morena Blvd., Mission Bay area, San Diego, CA

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