Whale Watching Season has Begun!

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It’s that time of year again, when San Diegans get the unique opportunity to spot one of the largest and most remarkable mammals in the world, the gray whale, as they migrate along the coast in pursuit of Baja. The whales, mostly female, depart their arctic feeding grounds to give birth in the warm subtropical lagoons of Mexico from the months of January to May. As the season is just picking up, locals and tourists alike are taking advantage of the multitude of whale watching tours available throughout San Diego. Here, we’ll highlight some of our favorite tours, and why visiting San Diego during the temperate months of January and February is the best way to escape the cold!

One of our favorite and more traditional ways to whale watch is from a boat out at sea. We love the Naturalist-Guided Whale Watching Boat Rides, as they feature an expert from the Birch Aquarium at Scripps onboard. With guaranteed whale sightings, guests must reserve a spot ahead of time! To reserve a spot, call (619) 234-4111. Another company we love is Hornblower Cruise and Whale Watching Adventures. With Hornblower, guests are able to combine their admission to the Maritime Museum, the USS Midway, or the San Diego Natural History Museum with a whale watching tour. There’s no better way to enjoy the rest of your day after a spotting whales at sea than a wonderful time expanding your knowledge of the deep ocean blue! To book with Hornblower, visit http://www.hornblower.com/hce/port/category/sd+tours. For those seeking a more adventurous whale watching boat tour, we love the Whale Watching San Diego Sailing Adventure. Sail aboard the America, a classic racing vessel that looks like it was built in the 1800’s! This boat tour guarantees guests entry into the Maritime Museum either before or after their tour paired with a guaranteed whale sighting and no seasickness! Guests are able to bring food on the boat to enjoy as well. To book with Whale Watching San Diego Sailing Adventure, call 800-644-3454.

Speaking of adventure, there’s also an option for those who like to really immerse themselves in the outdoors! Nature lovers can whale watch from a kayak along the La Jolla Shores. As whales are often spotted along the La Jolla cliffs, kayakers get an up close view of these marvelous creatures as they swim beneath their feet. Although whale sightings are not guaranteed, participants are able to take in the beautiful scenery of the La Jolla cliffs in an adventurous kayaking experience they’ll never forget.  To sign up for a small group kayaking tour, you can pay $60 for a single kayak, or $55 a person for a double kayak. To book, please visit http://www.hikebikekayak.com

However you choose to whale watch, let Ocean Park Inn serve as your home base after this breathtaking experience.  Located on the shores of Pacific Beach with great weather conditions and even better views, Ocean Park Inn is the perfect place to escape the cold winter months of January through March. To book one of our oceanfront rooms, visit http://bit.ly/QN1Jod