Relaxing at the Beach for Mental Health and Stress Relief

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Relaxing on the Beach
Relaxing on the Beach

“If life is the pursuit of happiness….the Beach should be the Destination” – Anonymous

According to ancient mythologies from various corners of the globe, everything in nature is comprised of the four basic elements: water, fire, wind and earth. Water is often the most awe-inspiring, and thought provoking. While at times water–be it in the form of Earth’s oceans, lakes, or rivers–can be gentle, it is nonetheless the most powerful of all the elements. Fire, Wind and Earth are not any less important, but this blog is about the beach after all!

People have always been mentally effected by all water forms including rivers, clouds, mist, beaches, waterfalls and rain. The color blue is used to emphasize cooling and relaxing qualities. An expansive blue sky and glistening blue tinted ocean remind us of peace and calm, which readily promotes meditation and thoughtful insight into life’s problems. Blue is uplifting and often associated with the ideas of intuition, inspiration, sincerity and spirituality.

Around the world the color blue symbolizes and represents water, the source of life. The fact that water carries the energy and strength to sustain us speaks for itself. One only needs to take a walk on the beach and listen to the crashing waves to understand what we mean. We don’t know if there is any scientific evidence that says the beach and ocean waves help mental health, but you’d probably be hard-pressed to find someone on the beach who will dispute that claim. So if your intention is to “take a load off” and truly relax, why not stay on the beach? Better yet, why not stay on the right on the boardwalk in Pacific Beach, Southern California? Pacific Beach is the perfect place to roll out of your comfortable bed at Ocean Park Inn, and right onto the sand for some peace of mind. Can you already feel the sand beneath your toes?