Sea Lions, Leopard Sharks and Sea Turtles, Oh My!

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Did you know that kayaking in La Jolla is the 5th largest tourist attraction in San Diego? One major cause of the activity’s heightened popularity is La Jolla’s immense reserve of sea life, which includes leopard sharks, sea lions, dolphins, sea turtles and much more. All of these beautiful creatures can be seen on the La Jolla Seven Sea Cave Tour, provided by OEX Dive and Kayak. La Jolla is a neighboring community of Pacific Beach, so guests of Ocean Park Inn are just a few convenient miles from OEX Dive and Kayak.things to do kayak la jolla ocean park inn pacific beach california

The Seven Sea Cave Tour starts with tour guides pushing each kayak through the surf, followed by an exploration of an area that guides refer to as “Dr. Seuss” or “Cat in the Hat’s House”. At this site you can get up close and personal with the beautiful—and most importantly, harmless—Leopard Sharks. The tour then allows you to go in and out of several different caves, continuing to view even more incredible sea life. The trip ends with an exciting opportunity to ride into shore on a wave!

Swimming is not a requirement for this tour, so it is a fun and friendly attraction for all ages. These tours are available year-round. Fall and winter are exceptionally great seasons to explore the caves.  Booking in advance is suggested because pricing online is discounted from walk-in rates. To view or inquire about booking dates and pricing visit or call 858-454-6195.