Skating in Horton Plaza

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While San Diego’s climate may be temperate in comparison to most of the country, our residents and guests can still take part in some of the winter’s most coveted activities. For instance, Horton Plaza offers  an amazing outdoor ice rink in the heart of downtown San Diego which allows you to indulge your inner figure skater, practice your hockey stops, or simply spend a fun-filled evening with the family. Horton Plaza is the perfect holiday setting, located between the Horton Plaza shopping mall and the NBC Building downtown. Where else can you get out and hit the ice wearing nothing but a t-shirt and shorts? If you choose to don this summer attire be sure to keep your balance, because our ice is equally as cold as our neighbor’s to the north!

Skating season began in November and runs until January 11th. So while you’re enjoying the view of the Pacific at Ocean Park Inn, load the kids up in the rental and head downtown to indulge in some winter fun. Prices are $14 for adults and $12 for children, and proceeds benefit the Children’s Hospital. Strap on your skates and hit the ice in gorgeous downtown San Diego!