Start Your New Year with a Whale Watching Adventure!

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Connecting with nature is one of the most amazing and breathtaking experiences we can have. It can be accomplished through many different avenues, from nature hikes to visiting rare waterfalls and forest reserves. Some like to visit beaches and coastlines, while others like to have a more hands on experience by scuba diving or swimming with the dolphins. No matter what your preference, one of the most captivating experiences in nature is whale watching, and there is no better place to do it than San Diego.

Whale Watching, Ocean Park Inn hotel, San Diego, CAWhale watching is a very unique and awe-inspiring adventure.  Each year, mainly between the months of December and March, the California gray whales migrate from Alaska toward the coastline around the San Diego area. Visitors have the opportunity to book a charter cruise with a number of different companies to see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.  Cruises can last a couple of hours or even longer if you decide to book one that includes dinner and entertainment.  If you would prefer not to go out on the water, you can also go to Cabrillo National Monument or the Birch Aquarium to view the magnificent “giants of the sea” from land. The Cabrillo National Monument, located on the Point Loma peninsula, offers a glassed-in observatory to see the whales. It also offers whale exhibits and narrations about the various characteristics of these animals. The Birch Aquarium hosts a “Whalefest” in the months of January, February, and March that teaches all about the whales and their migration to the San Diego area. Enjoying a cruise on the ocean or exhibits on land are sure to give you unique insight into the beauty of these creatures.

Many may be afraid that these experiences are out of budget, but think again! Vacation peak times in San Diego are from May to August, and because of this tickets are in higher demand and offered at higher prices during these Summer months.  Choose to visit the San Diego area during the winter months of February and March and you will find lower prices and fewer crowds.  This is the same for area hotels such as the Ocean Park Inn. The Ocean Park Inn is located in San Diego’s Pacific Beach, and is in close proximity to several attractions, including various whale watching tour starting points. The hotel offers breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, spacious rooms, affordable prices and packages, and several in-room amenities that cannot be beat. Go to for more information about the hotel, whale watching hot spots, and other local attractions.