Travel Advice for Parents

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It is that time of year again, when the kids are out of school and you are constantly hearing the quintessential sing-song of, “I’m boooooooored!” Although playing board games, going on adventures in the backyard, and family movie nights are always a hit, the kids may still be searching for more. We suggest a change of scenery with a family vacation to sunny San Diego!

Aside from the numerous attractions, gorgeous location and amazing weather, San Diego is home to a fabulous customer-orientated hotel that is guaranteed to be a perfect fit for your family – Ocean Park Inn. The hotel offers several family vacation packages at affordable rates. Not only will you receive outstanding customer service, you will also enjoy the spacious rooms and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.

Now that the idea is secured and you have picked the perfect hotel accommodations at Ocean Park Inn, you have to focus on getting there in one piece. We’ve all ridden in a car with kids for extended periods of time, and it can be difficult to make it a peaceful and enjoyable trip for everyone involved–especially the parents! We have a couple of tips that will help keep things as calm as possible.

To avoid sibling squabbles consider bringing along a roll of masking tape. Your children can build a “wall” in the backseat that disables them from crossing into the other one’s territory. This is fun, avoids the inevitable “he’s hitting me!”  fight, and is easily cleaned up.

Another great way to pass the time is to be prepared with fun activities and games that don’t take up a lot of space, or require movement.  For example, the kids could play license plate bingo throughout the trip. This is a simple game, and requires you to simply create bingo cards at home and bring them along. Fill the bingo card with states, and when your children sees a car pass they can find what state the license plate is from, and mark it off on their board. This will keep the kids entertained, and also adds an educational twist to the trip. You can also create word search puzzles online that are customized to your trip or destination, with words such as ocean, sunset, sand, and surf. Or even consider going back to basics! Bring along pen and paper for tic-tac-toe, the dot game, or hangman, or even initiate a good old-fashioned sing-a-long.

While spending long periods of time in the car isn’t for everyone–especially kids–you can make the hours pass quickly and easily by planning ahead! So print out those license plate bingo cards and pack up the car for some family fun at the Ocean Park Inn in San Diego.